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Pair of 18th century paintings


Pair of small format paintings (41 x 31 cm - 16.1 x 12.2 in. Plus the frame).

Paintings represent the "Bath of Venus" and "Susanna and the Elders." The two paintings represent different compositions, but the painter has preserved the same background, located in a bucolic place with a palace in the background and in the foreground a large fountain surrounded by gardens.

In one of the paintings we can see the Bath of Venus, which represents the classic beauty, the eroticism and the frivolity of the goddess of love and beauty; surrounded by three maids who help him in the bathroom and groom his hair. The Goddess Venus was characterized by having many lovers and husbands.

In contrast, in the other painting, we see a representation of Susana naked while taking a bath at the pool and two elders harass her to get her sexual favors. In this case, Susana represents beauty, but from the side of chastity, purity and loyalty to her husband in exile.

The paintings are in perfect condition and have followed a cleaning and varnishing process.

Both paintings have identical golden pine wood frames, new.

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