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The dance of the vanities painting


Magnificent painting by the 19th century French painter Jean Augustin Dubouloz (1800-1870).

The painting is painted in oil on canvas with a gilt wooden frame, original of the time and a small silver plate with the name of the painter and the date of birth and death.

This painting represents the 19th century painter's masterpiece called The Dance of the Vanities, it represents the frugality of life and earthly powers. Rich, poor, noble, kings, queens, merchants, young, old, we are all called at the end of our life to dance to the rhythm of death.

In this painting, we see how all these richly painted figures, stripped of their clothes, dance to the rhythm of an orchestra of skeletons calling them to pass through the end of the tunnel to the other side of life.

The high quality of the paint and its state of conservation stand out, as it has been re-stamped on the outer edges and the paint has been cleaned by our restorers.

An excellent piece with a very special theme.

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