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Roman Charity


Cuadro realizado en óleo sobre lienzo con un tema clásico como “Caridad Romana”.

The painting is full of beautiful colors even though the background of the painting is dark (let's not forget that it represents a prison cell). The daughter wears a pretty red and white dress and appears as a beautiful young woman alongside her sick and malnourished elderly father.

La joven llamada “Pero” amamanta en secreto a su padre, Cimon, un anciano encarcelado y condenado a muerte por inanición.

Discovered by the jailer, his great act of charity so impresses the judges that they decide to free the father1. The story appears in the Acts and Memorable Sayings of Valerio Máximo presented as a great act of pietad.

Italian with strong Flemish influence. Century XVIII.

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