How will the arrival of the Covid19 affect our purchasing habits?

From Entredós Antiques We would like to approach all our clients and friends in this virtual way to wish them all well, as well as their respective families, friends and acquaintances.

The impact that this pandemic has caused throughout the world has made us change our values and our way of seeing what the day of release from confinement will be like and we can all go out to work and interact.

From Entredós Antiques We are preparing for that day and we have taken some basic measures to prevent those who come to our store from feeling safe from possible contagion. We hope that these measures that we have decided, in accordance with the advice of the health authorities of our country, do not pose a problem or difficulty for anyone to apply, but quite the contrary, since they are aimed at improving confidence.

During the time we have left to open again, we continue to serve our customers through our store and making timely shipments worldwide.

We hope to see you all soon!

Pareja de tondos romanos en mármol ! Pair of Roman cameos in marble
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